A Letter From our CEO

As 2022 comes to an end, I’m reflecting on what has been a truly incredible year.

Kinder World has come so far, and so much of this achievement is thanks to our amazing players.

My co-founder Christina and I are so happy with our progress this year, and importantly the team culture, player community and spirit that surrounds it.

While we’re still in our early days with Kinder World still in beta, it’s been an honour and a pleasure to work alongside you all to build something that truly makes the world a kinder place, together.

We hope you’ve enjoyed all the Kinder World features and content we’ve released throughout the year, and you can expect so much more in 2023! We’re hoping it will be our biggest year yet, as we build towards a full global launch!

Our ask:

  • Join the nearly 5,000 Kinder World players taking part in our first ever Secret Samy Gift Exchange. If you haven’t seen it in-game, please update your game to the latest version. We’ll be delivering these gifts steadily over the next couple of weeks, so please check your spam folders just in case.
  • Please recommend Kinder World to a friend that might love it! Every new player is a precious gift for our small team, and a big help for our future. :)

A few words from the team:

Everyone at Lumi speaks with players and reads all your feedback. We all appreciate you so much, but here’s a few specific thank-you messages from some of the team!

Kinder World community, I am SO grateful to all of you for joining us on this magnificent journey! I love checking in to see what you're all saying about Kinder World, sharing the excitement with you all on update days, and reading through all of your incredibly valuable feedback. It's such an honour to be developing such an uplifting and kindness driven product for such a lovely bunch of humans. I hope you all have a relaxing, safe, and joy filled holiday season. We're so excited to show you what we've got planned for 2023!
- Sarah, Product Manager

I just want to thank each and every one of you for making the Kinder World Community such a supportive, uplifting place to hang out. I've been lucky enough to chat with many of our players face-to-face, and work with some inspirational artists and creators that are helping us grow Kinder World into something truly special. I'm looking forward to meeting even more of you in 2023, and I can't wait to share some of the exciting announcements we have in store!
- Jack, Brand Manager

I'm the luckiest that I get to come to work every day to interact with you all. Thank you for sharing your kindness, excitement, care, and grace with the dev team and the community. Wishing you a restful holiday season! -
Amanda, Community & Support Senior Associate

Here’s to a wonderful 2023,

Ps. The Lumi team will be resting (just like Quilliam) until January 3rd 2023. Replies to Discord messages, support requests, etc. will be slightly delayed. Some team members will be occasionally checking in, but everyone needs rest after a huge year. In the meantime, we’d love it if you can support each other in the Discord community!

Art by Kinder World collaboration artist Lucy Mutimer