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Hidden Mug Competition

You've found the hidden Kinder World mug! Click the button below for your chance to win!

What is Kinder World?

How would you describe Kinder World? Let us know for a chance to WIN!

The Kinder World Lofi Mixtape is here!

Grab a seat by the fire, pour yourself a cup of herbal tea, and relax into an hour of soothing, lofi tunes from Kinder World’s composer, Kevin Olson.

Take Me or Leaf Me

Take Me or Leaf Me is the world’s first digital houseplant dating sim (as far as we can tell), inspired by other wacky dating sims and set in the Kinder World universe.

World Pride 2023

This week, we’re celebrating the beloved LGBTQIA+ members of our team and community by giving away a free wallpaper.